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Our Platform Mehfil associates you with individuals, and encourages you share your thoughts feelings with the world. We have faith in the opportunity of growing and in engaging individuals to completely communicate in a new age digital world. The clients of our Platform are various and multilingual, and the substance and remarks they post here mirror their way of life and conviction. The community here is receptive to a variety of content, but the Platform is accessed by a variety of audiences, including minors Consequently, to guarantee that every one of our clients keep a standard practice and for their own security, we have set up certain rules and limitations you need to adhere to.


Specific sort of things isn’t permitted on our Platform. In the event that such substance becomes obvious, we may bring it down. On the off chance that you run over any substance that disregards these Guidelines, we urge you to report it. The plan of the maker is significant. We don’t invite manifestations/content that means to bring distress, spread underhandedness or advance criminal operations.

a. Adherence to Applicable Laws

All the substance, including without restriction, content that is transferred, posted, remarked on, or shared by you on our Platform, must hold fast to the laws of the Republic of India, including without confinement, the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and, the Information Technology Act, 2000 alongside all principles and corrections made under such laws. We help out legitimate experts in instances of break of material laws.

Keep in mind, essentially consent to the law and don’t do things that could land you into inconvenience. Please follow these guidelines carefully. 

b. Nakedness and Pornography

We permit content that has restricted sexual symbolism, if it is posted for aesthetic worth, instructive purposes, mindfulness, dissent, humor or mocking purposes. Content which contains the listed is contrary to these Guidelines:

I. explicitly express, obscene or naked material or pictures/recordings that uncover private parts (sexual organs);

ii. recordings or pictures of individuals in trading off positions or those with sexual or obsession or sensual aim;

iii. sextortion or retribution sex entertainment;

iv. Savagery 

v. content that endeavors or jeopardizes any individual (for instance, posting of telephone numbers, or posting of pictures empowering or requesting prostitution or escort administrations);

vi. youngster erotic entertainment (counting without confinement, creation, transmission or perusing of kid sex entertainment); or

vii. content on assault, gangrape and attack.

It’s basic. Foul substance ought not go on our Platform.

c. Provocation or Bullying

Attempt to overlook any work that you may discover insignificant and irritating. In any case, do report any work that bothers someone else or corrupts or disgraces anybody.

Posting abusive words, transformed pictures,fake accounts, generalizing somebody, making lewd gestures or in any case taking part in sexual unfortunate behavior won’t go on without serious consequences.